An Operational Research on Annual Mass Drug Administration (MDA) For Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis in Medak District

P Samuel Rajkumar, Tukaram Kishanrao Pandve, G Nagaiah, Sayyad Tajmul, Bansode Arun, Inamdar
2016 Telangana. IAIM   unpublished
Lymphatic filariasis caused by nematode parasite is a public health problem in India. Filariasis in man manifests as acute and chronic lymphangitis, elephantiasis of genitalia arms, legs, hydrocele in males and lymphadenitis. The Government of India incorporated initial National Filaria Control Programme under the National Vector Born Disease Control Program (NVBDCP) with a goal of eliminating the disease as Public Health Problem by targeted date of year 2016. Aim: Aim of the study was to test
more » ... study was to test the hypothesis that reducing "MICRO FILARAEMIA" in humans to <1% will stop transmission by mass administration of two drug for more than 5 Annual rounds with 65% coverage of total population. Materials and methods: The study was retrospective prospective analytical study from 2010 to 2014 (from coverage evaluation reports) of Medak dist. There is need to enhance community participation to cover more than 65% of total population for future 5 years. Results: The distribution of the drugs was carried to 68% of rural population and 18% of urban population. The effectiveness was only 57.7% of rural and 16% of urban population. The drug