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1850 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
produced brought directly over the fire. When, by the same arrangement, four boiler holes are reduced to two, they are also brought directly over the centre of tile fire, or nearly so. "The third part of my invention has for its object to prevent the breaking of the side of the ranges and doors by failing, whcn not securely fastened up and consists in'attaching a spring support to the side of the range immediately below the hinge of the door, to receive and sustain it when it is allowed to
more » ... is allowed to l~all, the elasticity of the support preventing the breaking of the door or side of the range by concussion. "The fourth part of my invention relates to the warming of the rooms of a house by tile waste heat fi-om the range, and providing a damper from the hot air flue or reservoir which, when open, will allow all the heated air to ascend out of the flue, and cause a current of air Vor. XX.~Tu~nn S~:nt~s.~No. 1.--Jv~,~, 1850. 2
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(50)90965-3 fatcat:efkdndxvfvgajant66usgoz2qe