Optimization of the Parameters Influencing the Antioxidant Activity and Concentration of Anthocyanins Extracted from Red Onion Skins Using a Central Composite Design

Florina Stoica, Oana Emilia Constantin, Nicoleta Stănciuc, Iuliana Aprodu, Gabriela Elena Bahrim, Gabriela Râpeanu
2022 Inventions  
This study aimed to extract bioactives from red onion skins for use as edible colorants that are both natural and functional. The extraction of bioactive chemicals from red onion skins using a conventional solvent extraction was optimized using a Central Composite Design (CCD). The influence of extraction parameters, such as ethanol and citric acid concentrations, extraction temperature, and time, on anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity (DPPH method) was studied. A quadratic model was
more » ... ggested for all of the parameters examined and employed. Citric acid concentration (0.05–2.64%), ethanol concentration (6.36–73.63%), operation temperature (16.47–58.52 °C), and extraction duration (10–234.54 min) were the variables studied in the coded form of the experimental plan. The best conditions for maximum anthocyanins and antioxidant activity recovery were: 60% ethanol, 0.87% citric acid, 179.99 min, and 25 °C. The anthocyanins concentration varied from 0.45 to 1.43 mg C3G/g DW, while the antioxidant activity varied from 24.29 to 37.20 mM TE/g DW, according to the experimental design. Overall, it should be emphasized that the extraction process can be enhanced by settling the operating factors to maximize the model responses. The current findings demonstrate that extracts from red onion skins would be useful in developing functional food products.
doi:10.3390/inventions7040089 fatcat:nmrrzrrxjjhe3iynktycmvr26y