The Nasionalism Defense Value Character in Ketoprak Manuscript of Kyai Kala Gumarang

Anton Kurniawan, Suyitno Suyitno, Ani Rakhmawati
2020 Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 1st Conference of Visual Art, Design, and Social Humanities by Faculty of Art and Design, CONVASH 2019, 2 November 2019, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia   unpublished
Ketoprak is one of Javanese arts which contains a lot of educational values. The character values contained in ketoprak, for instance, is tstate defense. This study aims to find and describe the figures that show the character of state defense in the dialogue. This research used descriptive qualitative study with Kyai Kala Gumarang as the object of the text study. After analyzing the data, the ketoprak manuscript of Kyai Kala Gumarang contained several character values of state defense shown in
more » ... te defense shown in the dialogue of the characters. The character value of state defense is expected to be applied as the example for audiences. The character of state defense must be possessed by every citizen because this character will stimulate more loving and proud citizens towards their country.
doi:10.4108/eai.2-11-2019.2294892 fatcat:y6chyqbolvfehi2akcsuztjq7a