J. K. Greene, C. Capps, Gus M. Lorenz, S. Y. Young, C. Norton
2003 Arthropod Management Tests  
Brown stink bug (BSB): Euschistus servus (Say) Green stink bug (GSB) : Acrosternum hilare (Say) Southern green stink bug (SGSB): Nezara viridula (L.) Bean leaf beetle (BLB): Cerotoma trifurcata (Forster) Grasshoppers (GH): various species Threecornered alfalfa hopper (AH): Spissistilus festinus Efficacy of selected insecticides was evaluated against Green stink bug (GSB), Southern green stink bug (SGSB), Brown stink bug (BSB), Bean leaf beetle (BLB), Three-cornered alfalfa hopper (AH) and
more » ... pper (AH) and Grasshoppers (GH) in a commercial soybean field in Lincoln Co., AR. The soybean field was planted by broadcasting Pioneer 94B23 on 12 Apr 2002. The treatments were applied on 24 Jul 2002 when plants were in the R6-7 stage. A RCB design with four replicates was used. The treatments were applied with a CO2powered two-man plot boom calibrated to deliver 9.2 gpa. Plots were 15 x 50 ft, with a 5 ft untreated buffer separating the plots. Plots were sampled 2 and 7 DAT by taking 25 sweeps using a 15-inch in diameter sweep net. Data were analyzed using ANOVA and LSD procedures. Stink bug species in the field were predominately GSB, with significant numbers of BSB and SGSB. In Test 1 at 2 DAT, good control of stink bugs was obtained with Orthene and methyl parathion (Table 1) . Karate was effective against GSB and SGSB, but less so against BSB. Stink bug control was limited with
doi:10.1093/amt/28.1.f97 fatcat:m5btailn3jfpzoqfi75tnqjm4u