Enzymatic oxidation of oleuropein and 3‐hydroxytyrosol by laccase, peroxidase, and tyrosinase

Jesus Manzano‐Nicolas, Amaury Taboada‐Rodriguez, Jose Antonio Teruel‐Puche, Fulgencio Marin‐Iniesta, Francisco Garcia‐Molina, Francisco Garcia‐Canovas, Jose Tudela‐Serrano, Jose Munoz‐Munoz
2021 Journal of food biochemistry  
Oxidases such as laccase (EC, tyrosinase (EC, and peroxidase ( act oxidizing reducing agents with oxygen the first two enzymes and hydrogen peroxide by the latest (Tikhonov et al., 2019) . Laccase and tyrosinase are two enzymes with copper in their active site, copper proteins (Arregui et al., 2019; Panzella & Napolitano, 2019) , while peroxidase has a heme group in its active site (Vlasova, 2018) . The products of the three enzymes are unstable, in the case of laccase and peroxidase the products
doi:10.1111/jfbc.13803 fatcat:6ec6cbqrynhpffw66nixyloatq