Development of Herbarium Book as Biology Instructional Media in Plant Morphology Subject for Biology Education Undergraduate Students, University of Pasir Pangaraian

Dahlia Dahlia
2020 Bioeducation Journal  
The development of instructional especially media of a herbarium book is an innovation that aims to assist students in searching directly the object of leaf morphology studies. This development research starts from the needs analysis stage which is used to gather information, planning in media making, media design, media making, after that product validation by a team of media experts and material experts, then testing individual products, small groups and large groups. The subject of this
more » ... ct testing were students of the Biology Education Study Program at Pasir Pengaraian University. The results of the validation by the material experts showed that the quality of learning media using the herbarium book on leaf morphology material was included in the "very feasible" criteria, with an average score of 86.46%. The results of validation by media experts are included in the "very feasible" criteria, with an average score of 88.54%. Individual assessment obtained the criteria of "very feasible", with an average score of 84.16%. Judgement from small groups obtained a percentage of eligibility of 81.45% with very feasible criteria, and judgement from large groups of 83.95% with "very feasible" criteria. The results of the development of herbarium book media are very decent.
doi:10.24036/bioedu.v4i1.252 fatcat:na2us6usf5bsbdwsomydblmmbi