Preparation and Performance of Different Modified Ramie Fabrics Reinforced Anionic Polyamide-6 Composites

Ze Kan, Hao Shi, Erying Zhao, Hui Wang
2019 Processes  
Anionic polyamide-6 (APA-6) composites are prepared by the VARIM process using different modified ramie fabrics to study the structure and properties of different composites. This study can not only evaluate the optimal modification method for the ramie fabrics, but also further explore the interface interaction mechanism between ramie fabrics and APA-6. In this article, the ramie fabrics are modified by a pretreatment, coupling agent and alkali modification. Different modification methods have
more » ... cation methods have different effects on the structure, surface properties and mechanical properties of ramie fabrics, which will further affect the impregnation process, interfacial and mechanical properties of the composites. Through the performance analysis of different modified ramie fabrics reinforced APA-6 composites, the conversion, crystallinity and molecular weight of these composites are at a high level, which indicate that the polymerization of these composites is well controlled. The coupling agent modified ramie fabrics composites and the pretreated ramie fabrics composites have higher flexural modulus, tensile strength and dynamic mechanical properties. Alkali-modified ramie fabrics composites have slightly lower mechanical properties, which however have the highest interlaminar shear strength and outperformed interface properties of the composites.
doi:10.3390/pr7040226 fatcat:2wkagxr5nngtzocb4pvw64gj6i