Implementation of Vertical-Horizontal Binary Common Sub-Expression Elimination Algorithm for FIR Filters Using Complementary Technique

Sai Chandana, Mallikanti Tech, Annapurna Busi, Thirupathaiah Perla
Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are widely applied in multistandard wireless communications. The two key requirements of FIR filters are reconfigurability and low complexity. The complexity of linear phase FIR filters is dominated by the number of adders (subtractors) in the coefficient multiplier. The Common Subexpression Elimination (CSE) algorithm reduces number of adders in the multipliers and dynamically reconfigurable filters can be efficiently implemented. A new greedy CSE
more » ... based on Canonic Signed Digit (CSD) representation of coefficients multipliers for implementing low complexity higher order FIR filters. Design examples shows that the filter architectures offer power reduction and good area and speed improvement over the existing FIR filter implementation.