Qur'an, Crucifixion, and Talmud A New Reading of Q 4:157-58

Ian Mevorach, Emmanuel College
This paper establishes and explores the inter-textuality of Sanhedrin 43a (a text from the Babylonian Talmud that contains a rabbinic counter-narrative to the New Testament story of Jesus' death) with Q 4:157-58 (two verses of the Qur'an which have historically been read by Muslim and Christian scholars as a denial of Jesus' death by crucifixion). The idea that the Qur'an denies the New Testament story of the crucifixion makes the two scriptures appear mutually exclusive. This article suggests
more » ... s article suggests that, rather than denying Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, the Qur'an may be defending this story from a counter-narrative.