Harmonious interaction of incorporating CNTs and zeolitic imidazole frameworks into polysulfone to prepare high performance MMMs for CO 2 separation from humidified post combustion gases

Muhammad Sarfraz, Mohammed Ba-Shammakh
2018 Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering  
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and zeolitic imidazole frameworks (ZIF-301) were synergistically incorporated into glassy polysulfone (PSF) to prepare mixed-matrix membranes (MMMs) to separate CO 2 from post combustion flue gas. The flexible MMMs rendering consistent distribution and improved adhesion of nanofillers with the polymer matrix were hydrothermally stable under wet conditions. Gas sorption analysis along with dry and wet gas permeation experiments showed that both CO 2
more » ... both CO 2 permeability and CO 2 /N 2 selectivity of MMMs were improved owing to the synergistic effect of nanofillers. The MMM filled with 18 wt % ZIF-301 nanofillers and 6 wt % CNTs showed an optimum separation performance by providing a CO 2 permeability of 19 Barrers with a CO 2 /N 2 selectivity of 48. The CO 2 separation performance of MMMs prepared in this work was found to be better than those of already existing hydrothermally stable MMMs.
doi:10.1590/0104-6632.20180351s20150595 fatcat:ot72cb7fpbhhnbkozge7i4hm4m