An anatomical revisit into the pattern of extensor digitorum tendon distribution to the little finger

Santha Kumar, N Vinay Kumar, T Gugapriya
Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology   unpublished
Extensor digitorum (ED) muscle is one of the component of fourth compartment of extensor retinaculum along with extensor Indicis muscle. The muscle is morphologically described to divide into four tendons to the medial four digits. Yet, multitude of individual variations in the contribution of ED tendon to the extension of little finger along has been reported. And so this study was done to reconfirm the distribution pattern of extensor tendon to the little finger. Materials and Method: The
more » ... and Method: The upper extremities from 13 cadavers used for undergraduate routine dissection were observed. After dissection of the extensor compartment of the forearm and hand, the ED tendon in the dorsum of hand was delineated for focused study. The pattern of distribution of ED tendon to the little finger was noted in each hand. The morphology of extensor digiti minimi (EDM) and juncturae tendinum noted were also studied. Observation: In all 26 hands studied, ED tendon to little finger was found to be absent. Type III junction tendons, Type II connecting the slip of ED tendon for ring finger with EDM were observed in 24, 2 hands respectively. In all the studied hands, EDM was noticed to be of two tendon slips distal to retinaculum. Conclusion: The finding of absent tendon of ED for little finger deviates heavily from the generally accepted book description. It also necessitates double checking for the pattern of distribution during tendon transplant procedures involving ED to prevent accidental removal of EDM tendon.