Diversity of freshwater crabs, their importance, threats, and conservation aspects

Subhalakshmi Rout* And Sanjeet Kumar
2023 Zenodo  
In tropics, freshwater ecosystem has a diverse endemic flora and fauna including freshwater crabs. With about 1280 known freshwater crab species, they represent one-fifth of all the World's brachyurans (true crabs). They are medicinally and ecologically important macro-invertebrate groups. They are excellent indicator of good water quality and play an important role in nutrient cycling in the freshwater ecosystem. The rapid loss and deterioration of habitat due to deforestation, alternation of
more » ... rainage patterns and pollution have become an imminent threat to them. Out of 122 countries that have populations of freshwater crabs, 43 have species in need of protection. This review is focus on the freshwater crabs found in Asia and particularly on Barytelphusa cunicularis. Low impact forestry and unpolluted water drainages may reduce the extinction risk of endemic species of freshwater crabs. The present review highlights the importance of freshwater crabs, particularly Barytelphusa cunicularis along with the conservation aspects
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7713142 fatcat:vdteix5skbdzfbmlirli4owv2m