El fondo del marquesado de Legarda en el Archivo Histórico de la Nobleza (Toledo)

Efrén De la Peña Barroso, José Francisco Guelfi Campos
2014 Documenta & Instrumenta - Documenta et Instrumenta  
Palabras-clave: Archivos nobiliarios, marquesado de Legarda, descripción archivística. Abstract: This paper results from an experience with the archives of the marquises of Legarda, held by the Archivo Histórico de la Nobleza, and developed in the context of the "Programa de Formación de Profesionales Iberoamericanos en el sector cultural", between October and December 2012. The work consisted of a summarized identification and archival description, which added to the study of the original
more » ... f the original archival organization performed between the16 th and the 19 th centuries, led to the integral analysis of this fonds. Thus, we aim to shed light to both historical and archival conclusions about such archives, offering a complete outlook on Legarda's genealogy from its first to its current generation; on the archival organization during the Ancien Régime in its external features, original order, archival description, and conservation; and on the archives' content and informational potential. The archives contains plenty of documents on diverse themes, as property management, master's jurisdiction exercise, and charity affairs. While examining the documents, it is also possible to find sources on episodes of everyday life and criminal cases. More than exhaust the archives' informational potential, we hope to foster scholars and researchers to know the documents left by the marquises of Legarda, taking into account that in any case they will allow new possibilities for deeper studies.
doi:10.5209/rev_docu.2014.v12.45689 fatcat:4k64n3ozubb37lkvavruxebthq