The Rotation of the Ap Stars from the Point of View of the Rigid Rotator Model [chapter]

George W. Preston
1970 Stellar Rotation  
Deutsch's period vs. line-width relation for the periodic Ap stars is re-examined from the point of view of the rigid rotator with the aid of recently determined values of v sin i for these objects. The agreement between computed rotational velocities and observed values of v sin / is satisfactory if the radii of the Ap stars are twice those of zero-age main sequence stars of the same color. The computed rotational velocities also agree with the mean rotational velocities of all Ap stars if
more » ... all Ap stars if suitable allowances are made for observational limitations. However, a difficulty arises in connection with the number of 'long-period' stars that have been discovered. Their small computed rotational velocities and their frequency are such that they cannot be regarded as part of any rotational distribution function that describes normal stars or even most Ap stars. It is concluded that if the periods of these objects are rotational periods, then a powerful rotational deceleration mechanism must be operative in at least some Ap stars, primarily those of the SrCrEu group.
doi:10.1007/978-94-010-3299-5_28 fatcat:5q34x4oc2ncixf2gfnqhkspcfm