Accumulation of Arsenic and Mercury in Different Bio-bed Padding Materials

LIU Tian-yu, LI Jian-hui, LIU Shu-tong, YU Xiao-yan, YIN Wei-qin, WANG Xiao-zhi
2016 Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment  
In order to study the accumulation and distribution of As, Hg in different bio-bed padding materials while implementing bio-bed raising method, three kinds of bio-bed padding materials were well designed, which consisted of sawdust(S), sawdust + rice husk(SR) and sawdust + rice husk + straw(SRS). For a year and a half, the contents of As, Hg at different depth were measured when four groups of fattening pig breeding had finished to analyze the accumulation and distribution of As, Hg in
more » ... As, Hg in different bio-bed padding materials, which could provide a theoretical basis for follow-up application of bio-bed padding materials in agriculture. The results showed that, the accumulation of As and Hg, at different levels, occurred during four pig-raising cycles. When 4 groups of fattening pig breeding finished, the largest accumulation of As and Hg occurred in SRS bio-beds, respectively reached 1921.7 mg per sty and 21.1 mg per sty. The As and Hg contents of S, SR,SRS were 2.921, 2.190, 2.621 mg·kg-1 and 0.048, 0.036, 0.042 mg·kg-1, respectively, which met the China's Organic Fertilizer Agriculture Standards(NY 525-2012), and Farmland Environmental Quality Evaluation Standards For Edible Agricultural Products(HJ/T 332-2006).
doi:10.13254/j.jare.2016.0134 doaj:bc2d8efc83274ecba0c37f697950ae38 fatcat:czp4zzu3mzfdpahhstw2qsbilq