An Account of Some Books [review-book]

1676 Philosophical Transactions (1665-1678)  
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more » ... out Early Journal Content at JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary source objects. JSTOR helps people discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful research and teaching platform, and preserves this content for future generations. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not--for--profit organization that also includes Ithaka S+R and Portico. For more information about JSTOR, please contact (592) well what is, and who will hardly be made to fee what is not; , h do not ftudy fo much to find thing; new, as to examine thofe well that are pretended to have been found; ana to whom the very affurance of thaving Leen deceived in fotne Obfervation, gives little lefs fa isfa ion, than a curious and imporrant Difcovery So mnch, (they affre us) doth the Love of certainty prevail aboveany other thing. Now this Love, (they add) is fo much the fironger, as it meets with no combat from any other intereft; forafmuch as the vain glory, which the fuiccefs of an ingenious illufion might by a furprize have carried away , would be to them a very finall thing, it being divided between fo many perfons that do a I contribute to his work, either by the Fropofitions that each of them makes of new things which he difcovers, or by his clearing Ut) of the Difcoveries made by o:her , in examining them as others do examine his, with fich a watchful care as a little emulation never fails to ftir up anongl Ph)ilofophers: So that, in all ap)pearance, fitch, matters as have Faffed fo friet a trial as thefe, are excn,mp frtol all deceit and falfi y. Having thus introduced their Lbtours, and intimated witi;al that they have chiefly given an account of the Internalparts of the Anima!s here exhibited,now and then only adding fome Reflexions upon parricularitics that imight deferve them , )et no otherwife thant an EfTay,and the FirfR frtJi's of that Crop, that one day may be reaped friom a whole Magazeen of fuch Obfervations : Having, I fay, do)ne this, theygive us the Anatomical Defcrip!ions thenmfelvcs (f 13 fpecies of Exotic Anima's; of which Five (viz a Cameleon, Ca/lor, Dromedary, Bear, and Gazelle,) were formerly putbllfhed, and deTfribed by the fame Perflns,in a Book in Iuarto, j)rinted at Par 1 669 ; which now are reprinted here in a more magnificent mlanrner, and at:gmTln ed wi h the rnlnuber of Eight ftcci c , which are, t , o Lions a:-d a Lionnef, a Chat Pard (fuppof:rd to b, erigelidrcd bt a Leopard and a Sow-catt,) a Sea-fox, a Lupus Cervarius or Lynx, an Otter, a Civcr cat, an Elke, and a, Coati Srfofndi of Brfil. Fir/?, :hey difcourfe of two Lions and one Lionnef; and,among other otfervatifrns, they take no[ice from divers circtumftances, that one of tIhe two Male-Lions fickned of a Surfet; they having been inf,rrmd, that fomle months before he died he wouldnot only not come out of his lodge, but hardly eat; and that therefore fome remedies