Visible-regime polarimetric imager: a fully polarimetric, real-time imaging system

James D. Barter, Harold R. Thompson, Christine L. Richardson
2003 Applied Optics  
A fully polarimetric optical camera system has been constructed to obtain polarimetric information simultaneously from four synchronized charge-coupled device imagers at video frame rates of 60 Hz and a resolution of 640 ϫ 480 pixels. The imagers view the same scene along the same optical axis by means of a four-way beam-splitting prism similar to ones used for multiple-imager, common-aperture color TV cameras. Appropriate polarizing filters in front of each imager provide the polarimetric
more » ... e polarimetric information. Mueller matrix analysis of the polarimetric response of the prism, analyzing filters, and imagers is applied to the detected intensities in each imager as a function of the applied state of polarization over a wide range of linear and circular polarization combinations to obtain an average polarimetric calibration consistent to ϳ2%. Higher accuracies can be obtained by improvement of the polarimetric modeling of the splitting prism and by implementation of a pixel-by-pixel calibration.
doi:10.1364/ao.42.001620 pmid:12665093 fatcat:lkkp4p2m7vajzjjrrxgx5vnnii