Low temperature specific heat of vanadium carbide

D. H. Lowndes, Leonard Finegold, R. G. Lye
1970 Philosophical Magazine  
The specific heat has been measured at low temperatures (-I K to 20 K) for four large crystals of VC x , with results that indicate the presence of maxima near x = 0.85 in both the Debye characteristic temperature, e o , and the electronic density of states at the Fc-rmi level N r ( I ). The behavior of 6 0 suggests that the maximum melting temperature of VC occurs at a composition close to that of the ordered compound V 6C 5 , rather then at the composition VC 0-75 proposed recently by Rudy.
more » ... e variation of N r (^) with x his been used to obtain an estimate for the density-of-states curve in the vicinity of the Fermi level. The result is discussed in terms of the behavior expect-d from elementary considerations of the electronic structure. Current. address: School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences,
doi:10.1080/14786437008238413 fatcat:r2cexgvotbblhpug2bnbtrzkty