Implementasi Metode Pembiasaan Modelling Perspektif Teori Behaviorisme di RA Syamila Kids Kota Salatiga

Tri Hartono, Farit Saifur Rochman, Wahyu Najib Fikri
2019 ThufuLA: Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan Guru Raudhatul Athfal  
IMPLEMENTATION ON MODELLING HABITUAL METHOD BEHAVIORISM THEORY PERSPECTIVES' AT RA SYAAMILA KIDS SALATIGA. The world of education today is the main foundation in the process of educating the life of the nation. Continuous education that starts from early childhood education to higher education must be well-systemized. As a place for children to get acquainted with education, kindergarten is a starting place in learning and teaching activities and the formation of behavior towards children. So
more » ... ards children. So the kindergarten is a formal early childhood education institution that serves ages between 4-6 years. At the age of 4-6 this is often referred to as the golden age of golden age which is crucial for the further development of human quality. At this time children have the attitude to imitate, that is, every action of an adult who is considered to have authority (parents, siblings, teachers, other adults) will be a reference for his behavior (for example). Therefore, habits of diverse behaviors and morals need to be introduced, fostered, and accustomed from an early age. This study aims to examine in depth the implementation of the modeling methodology of behaviorism theory in RA Syaamila Kids Salatiga. This type of research uses descriptive qualitative research with a case study method. Of all activities that are accustomed to schooling will be manifest in the minds of children and then will bring good influence when the child is at home. Therefore, children must be formed from an early age so that later they will form a person who has a moral character, Implementation of the habituation method in Syaamila Kids is considered very effective in the teaching and learning process because it is in accordance with the psychology of children who are easy to accept, so here children are easy to accept what is conveyed and done by the teacher. So that from the implementation of this habituation method can create independence, respect and love both yourself, others and the environment and children are able to value time. Abstrak: Dunia pendidikan dewasa ini menjadi tumpuan utama dalam proses mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa. Pendidikan yang berkesinambungan yang dimulai dari pendidikan anak usia dini hingga pendidikan tinggi harus tersistem dengan baik. Sebagai tempat awal anak mengenal pendidikan, Taman Kanak-Kanak merupakan tempat awal dalam kegiatan belajar dan mengajar serta pembentukan perilaku terhadap anak. Sehingga Taman Kanak-Kanak merupakan Lembaga pendidikan anak usia dini
doi:10.21043/thufula.v7i2.5985 fatcat:2ho6hiqiq5ha5hk7iusbtne6bq