RPC in the x-Kernel: evaluating new design techniques

L. Peterson, N. Hutchinson, S. O'Malley, M. Abbott
1989 ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review  
This paper reports our experiences implementing remote procedure call (RPC) protocols in the x-kernel. This exercise is interesting because the RPC protocols exploit two novel design techniques: virtual protocols and layered protocols. These techniques are made possible because the xkernel provides an object-oriented infrastructure that supports three significant features: a uniform interface to all protocols, a late binding between protocol layers, and a small overhead for invoking any given
more » ... otocol layer. For each design technique, the paper motivates the technique with a concrete example, describes how it is applied to the implementation of RPC protocols, and presents the results of experiments designed to evaluate the technique.
doi:10.1145/74851.74860 fatcat:mx4b3k2j65azlo7sajr3lmxrga