Nutrient Removal From Waste Water by Macrophytes – An Eco-Friendly Approach to Waste Water Treatment and Management

Sukhen Roy, J. K. Biswas, Sanjay Kumar
2014 Energy and Environment Research  
Wastes are resources out of place. Waste management technique essentially includes nutrient removal for better uses through low cost sustainable eco-technology. In this paper, local indigenous Macrophytes (Ipomoea aquatic, Trapa, Nymphaearubra, and Pistia sp.) are investigated to assess their ability to reclaim nutrients and remove pollutants from sewage water in West Bengal. Nitrogen, phosphorus, BOD and salinity characteristics are investigated. These Macrophytes have adopted the environment
more » ... ed the environment and are found to grow in the vicinity of wastewater command areas. Results indicate that their potential is very high in removing nutrient pollutants cost-effectively. Nutrient thus removed can be used in cultivation process, reducing demand of chemical fertilizers.
doi:10.5539/eer.v4n2p55 fatcat:zmkqizigx5ey5fcivpcumt553u