CFD simulation of dilute gas-solid two-phase flows with different solid size distributions in a curved $90^\circ $ duct bend

B. T. Kuan
2005 ANZIAM Journal  
CFD predictions of dilute gas-solid flow through a curved 90 • duct bend are performed. Flows with two different size distributions of glass spheres having mean diameters 66 µm and 77 µm are considered. The curved bend is square-sectioned (150 mm×150 mm) and has a turning radius of 1.5 times the duct's hydraulic diameter. Turbulent flow quantities at Re = 15, 000 are calculated based on a Differential Reynolds Stress Model, while a Lagrangian particle tracking model predicts solids velocities.
more » ... he model makes use of a modified shear-slip lift force formula which is consistent with experimental observation for 0.18 < Re p < 8. The predictions are compared against experimental measurements taken using laser-Doppler Anemometry.
doi:10.21914/anziamj.v46i0.988 fatcat:all4hfm46vhg3dy4iek4pzqjgu