AMT detection research of gas hydrate prospecting in the Qiangtang Basin, Northern Tibet

Dawei Yao, Shumin Wang, Dayong Wang, Yongbo Li, Zhenyu Zhang, Gang Wang, Wei Zhu
2016 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Environment and Engineering Geophysics & Summit Forum of Chinese Academy of Engineering on Engineering Science and Technology   unpublished
Qiangtang basin is the largest oil and gas basins of the Tibet plateau, the permafrost distributed widely, having good formed condition and prospecting of gas hydrate. There is carried out audio magnetotelluric (AMT) exploration research in YaHu area in order to find out the basic accumulation conditions of geology and geophysics of the natural gas hydrate in Qiangtang basin. The detection results show that AMT detection had high sensitivity to the permafrost, it could distinguish effectively
more » ... guish effectively bottom boundary of permafrost caprock distribution and delineate clearly natural gas migration pathway reservoir distribution. The result of 2-D inversion of geoelectric section showed the thickness of Yahu frozen permafrost is between 50 to 100 meters, the development degree of frozen soil is affected mainly by tectonic fracture zone, sedimentary loose bed, surface water and the factors such as elevation height control. The results further supported that Yahu regions have good conditions of frozen soil cover layer, good rich gas migration channel and reservoir structure.It is a good block which is suitable for accumulation and reserves for gas hydrates.
doi:10.2991/iceeg-16.2016.8 fatcat:cvffh3w7i5corkdr2tzzuuvn64