Protected natural territories of the Perm region related to the manifestation of previously gypsum karst
Охраняемые природные территории Пермского края, связанные с проявлением преимущественно гипсового карста

O.I. Kadebskaya, Perm State University
2020 Anthropogenic Transformation of Nature  
The article examines the existing and proposed protected natural areas of the Perm region associated with the manifestations of gypsum karst. Their characteristics are carried out. Today, in the Perm Territory, in areas with active manifestation of gypsum karst, there are 36 protected areas of regional and local significance.
doi:10.17072/2410-8553-2020-6-24-30 fatcat:m57p5fle2jbbzo7bxvm2ohjzwy