Examination of level density prescriptions for the interpretation of high-energyγ-ray spectra

Srijit Bhattacharya, Deepak Pandit, Balaram Dey, Debasish Mondal, S. Mukhopadhyay, Surajit Pal, A. De, S. R. Banerjee
2014 Physical Review C  
High energy γ-ray spectra measured by our group involving the compound nuclei (CN) ^63Cu at excitation energy (E^*) ∼ 36 MeV with average angular momentum (J) = 12 - 17 ħ, ^97Tc at E^* ∼ 29 - 50 MeV with J = 12 - 14 ħ, ^113Sb at E^* = 109 MeV and 121 MeV with J = 49 - 59 ħ and ^201Tl at E^* = 39.5, 47.5 MeV with J = 18 - 24 ħ have been analyzed utilizing the level density prescriptions of (i)Ignatyuk, Smirenkin and Tishin (IST), (ii)Budtz-Jorgensen and Knitter (BJK), and (iii) Kataria,
more » ... y and Kapoor (KRK). These three prescriptions have been tested for correct statistical model description of high energy γ-rays in the light of extracting the giant dipole resonance (GDR) parameters at low excitation energy and spin where shell effects might play an important role as well as at high excitation energy where shell effects have melted. Interestingly, only the IST level density prescription could explain the high energy γ-ray spectra with reasonable GDR parameters for all the four nuclei.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.90.054319 fatcat:5ck2ttuzhrdonccyzpnyd2v4ya