Design Development of Outdoor Wear for Trail Running
트레일 러닝을 위한 아웃도어 웨어 디자인 개발

Yoon Kim
2015 The Korean Society of Costume  
1) This research aims to study the needs of the trail runners as trail running has become a popular outdoor activity, and give suggestions for high functional outdoor menswear design that can satisfy the needs of the highly demanding taste of runners. The design development is as follows: 1) The design had to be made of lightweight material and be easily packable in all situations, and 2) we also considered the ergonomic and compact fit for activity, 3) the functional location of high
more » ... n of high functional fabric, 4) the reflective use and layering system giving a wide range of outdoor workout time and 5) the trend in 2016 S/S active sports and outdoor wear. Based on the above elements, the men's outdoor wear design has been developed for trail running in spring and summer. The design development includes a total of 7 items. The design focused on lightweight, availability of packaging, "comfortability" and freshness in activity, functional suitability of location of highly functional materials and the layering system to protect body temperature under the changing environment. In particular, the layering system was implemented to provide ventilation, and it was done in body parts that released the most body heat. Therefore, mesh materials were actively used on the side panel, sleeves and center of the back piece for necessary sweat emission without any problems and ventilation for trail running.
doi:10.7233/jksc.2015.65.3.151 fatcat:nse4biq3mngcdju4bi52d4se2e