A Decision Support System for Solving Multiple Criteria Optimization Problems

2011 Informatics in Education. An International Journal  
In this paper, multiple criteria optimization has been investigated. A new decision support system (DSS) has been developed for interactive solving of multiple criteria optimization problems (MOPs). The weighted-sum (WS) approach is implemented to solve the MOPs. The MOPs are solved by selecting different weight coefficient values for the criteria and solving single-criterion optimization problems (SOPs). However, the WS approach does not guarantee either finding evenly distributed solutions of
more » ... a Pareto front, or finding Pareto optimal solutions in non-convex regions. In order to solve the problems, some methods have been proposed. In this paper, an adaptive weightedsum (AWS) approach has been used. We suggest presenting the solutions, obtained not only by the weighted-sum method, but also by the adaptive weighted-sum approach, to a decision maker (DM). Thus the decision making will be facilitated.
doi:10.15388/infedu.2011.14 fatcat:s3afptwjdve5rmska4srt7zvwa