A case of two dermoid cysts in the oral floor of an infant

Hiroshi NAKAMURA, Kazuhiko YAMAMOTO, Sachiko YATA, Tadaaki KIRITA
2020 Japanese Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery  
We report a rare case of two dermoid cysts in the oral floor of an infant. A 3-year-old girl was referred to our department because of a swelling in the oral floor. Oral examination revealed a painless swelling in the oral floor. The overlying mucosa was normal, and the lesion was elastic soft on palpation. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed two independent cystic lesions in the oral floor. The clinical diagnosis was dermoid cyst or epidermoid cyst, and the cystic
more » ... s were extirpated via an oral approach with the patient under general anesthesia. No adhesion to the surrounding tissues was noted. The surgical specimens were elastic soft and yellowish white. White caseous materials were contained in the cystic lesions. Microscopically, the cyst wall was lined by keratinized squamous epithelium and contained skin appendages such as hair follicles and sebaceous and sweat glands. Histopathological diagnosis of a dermoid cyst was made. No evidence of recurrence was found during 1 year 3 months of observation after surgery. : dermoid cyst (類皮囊胞) ,oral floor (口底) 1) 奈良県総合医療センター口腔外科 (主任:山本一彦部長) 2) 奈良県立医科大学口腔外科学講座 (主任:桐田忠昭教授) 1)
doi:10.5794/jjoms.66.335 fatcat:jqbtsenk6vbj7bjmftmdfidxru