Changes in cross-frequency coupling following closed-loop auditory stimulation in non-rapid eye movement sleep

Elena Krugliakova, Carina Volk, Valeria Jaramillo, Georgia Sousouri, Reto Huber
Regional changes of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep delta and sigma activity, and their temporal coupling have been related to experience-dependent plastic changes during previous wakefulness. These sleep-specific rhythms seem to be important for brain recovery and memory consolidation. Recently, it was demonstrated that by targeting slow waves in a particular region at a specific phase with closed-loop auditory stimulation, it is possible to locally manipulate slow-wave activity and
more » ... t with traininginduced neuroplastic changes. In our study, we tested whether closed-loop auditory stimulation targeting the up-phase of slow waves might not only interact with the main sleep rhythms but also with their coupling within the circumscribed region. We demonstrate that while closed-loop auditory stimulation globally enhances delta, theta and sigma power, changes in cross-frequency coupling of these oscillations were more spatially restricted. Importantly, a significant increase in delta-sigma coupling was observed over the right parietal area, located directly posterior to the target electrode. These findings suggest that closed-loop auditory stimulation locally modulates coupling between delta phase and sigma power in a targeted region, which could be used to manipulate sleep-dependent neuroplasticity within the brain network of interest.
doi:10.5167/uzh-192820 fatcat:gs7oopwz2fht7it56kchigzdau