Introduction of four different drive systems used in LAMOST focal plane

Guomin Wang, Xiang Jiang, Yuefei Wang, Guoping Li, Bozhong Gu, Eli Atad-Ettedgui, Joseph Antebi, Dietrich Lemke
2006 Optomechanical Technologies for Astronomy  
This paper describes four different drive systems adopted in LAMOST focal plane mechanism to achieve four movements: field derotation, focal plane attitude adjustment, focusing and move aside out of light path for optical checking. Different type drive systems, such as worm gear drive, spur gear drive, friction drive and direct drive, which were devised and used in telescopes in the past years, have their own inherent characteristics and their working conditions. According to feasibility,
more » ... ility, suitability and cost effective, friction drive, worm gear drive, ball screw drive and chain drive are selected to as the drive systems for the above four movements. The on-shop test results show that all the drive systems have met the design goals with the accuracy of image field derotation 0.45 arcsec, attitude adjustment 0.24 arcsec, focusing 2 microns and move aside 0.02mm.
doi:10.1117/12.670801 fatcat:tjgy4ml4xncbpgmqk6xqw53zia