One-Dimensional Continuous-Time Quantum Walks [chapter]

D. ben-Avraham, E. M. Bollt, C. Tamon
Experimental Aspects of Quantum Computing  
We survey the equations of continuous-time quantum walks on simple one-dimensional lattices, which include the finite and infinite lines and the finite cycle, and compare them with the classical continuous-time Markov chains. The focus of our expository article is on analyzing these processes using the Laplace transform on the stochastic recurrences. The resulting time evolution equations, classical versus quantum, are strikingly similar in form, although dissimilar in behavior. We also provide
more » ... comparisons with analyses performed using spectral methods. ¤
doi:10.1007/0-387-27732-3_18 fatcat:af4h4ewinzbnpl5ysellnl2jam