4SIGHT manual: [report]

Kenneth A Snyder
1995 unpublished
A computer program has been written to facilitate performance assessment of concrete vaults used in Low Level Waste (LLW) disposal facilities. The computer program is a numerical computer model of degradation in concrete. A one-dimensional finite difference equation is used to propagate ions by precipitation/dissolution of available salts. The precipitation/dissolution of salts, in turn, changes the transport properties, which changes the rate of ion transport. The result is a model which
more » ... a model which incorporates the synergism of multiple degradation mechanisms. This Report is self-contained. It includes the installation instructions, user manual, technical details, and source code. The program was written using a literate programming tool and the "pretty-printing" output of the source code is attached at the end of this report.
doi:10.6028/nist.ir.612 fatcat:bjcxgqvzozg75m7rsznwzrnnkm