Fungicidal preparations from Inula viscosa

Y. Cohen, A. Baider, B. Ben-Daniel, Y. Ben-Daniel
2017 Plant Protection Science  
Inula viscosa is a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean Basin. Extracts made from the shoots of this plant exhibited a strong fungicidal activity in vitro and in vivo. TLC analyses revealed at least 7 fungicidal compounds. Most are lipophilic. When such extracts were sprayed on the leaf surface of crop plants they effectively controlled downy mildew in grape, cucumber and tobacco; late blight in potato and tomato; gray mold in cucumber and tomato; and, powdery mildew in cucurbits and
more » ... n cucurbits and cereals. Field experiments conducted with grape vine and potato resulted in effective control of Plasmopara viticola and Phytophthora infestans, respectively. The data suggest that Inula viscosa is a useful source of herbal fungicidal preparations for agricultural use.
doi:10.17221/10575-pps fatcat:wicrjixo6zcb5dgrh3jtwezvyy