Remote Laser Welding of Zinc Coated Steel Sheets in an Edge Lap Configuration with Zero Gap

Christian Roos, Michael Schmidt
2014 Physics Procedia  
Remote Laser Welding (RLW) of zinc-coated steel sheets is a great challenge for the automotive industry but offers high potentials with respect to flexibility and costs. In state of the art applications, sheets are joined in overlap configuration with a preset gap for a stable zinc degassing. This paper investigates RLW of fillets without a preset gap and conditions for a stable process. The influence of process parameters on weld quality and process stability is shown. Experimental data give
more » ... idence, that the degassing of zinc through the capillary and the rear melt pool are the major degassing mechanisms. Furthermore the paper gives experimental validation of the zinc degassing in advance of the process zone to the open side of the fillet. Chemical analysis of the hot-dip galvanized zinc coating proof the iron-zinc-alloys to be the reason for a limited effectiveness of this mechanism in comparison to pure zinc as intermediate.
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2014.08.025 fatcat:2z5u4c5ux5ahvbfgkm4dxalaym