Planetary Nebulae as Tracers of the Intergalactic Stellar Background: A Population Synthesis Theoretical Approach [chapter]

Alberto Buzzoni, Magda Arnaboldi
Planetary Nebulae Beyond the Milky Way  
We wish to assess the relationship between the population of planetary nebulae (PNe) and a given parent stellar population from a theoretical point of view. Our results rely on original population synthesis models used to estimate the expected luminosity-specific PN density accounting for different evolutionary scenarios and star formation histories, as observed in galaxies in the near Universe. For a complete PN sample, we find that 1 PN/1.5 10 6 L⊙ is a safe (IMF-independent) lower limit to
more » ... t) lower limit to the traced global bolometric luminosity of the parent stellar population. A tentative application to Virgo cluster data allows us to place a lower limit at ∼ 7% for the global B luminosity of the cluster provided by "loose" intergalactic stars.
doi:10.1007/11604792_54 fatcat:sfp5bspgdvek7iz6jfgfd7e43m