Quantitative Evaluation Method for Landscape Color of Water with Suspended Sediment

Mao Ye, Ran Li, Weimin Tu, Jialing Liao, Xunchi Pu
2018 Water  
Landscape water is an important part of natural landscape, and a reasonable assessment of water landscape color is the basis for scientifically evaluating the quality of water landscape. To evaluate water landscape color with different concentrations of sediment objectively and quantitatively, a method of evaluating water landscape color based on hyperspectral technology is proposed to calculate water landscape color. The color spectrum calculation model of the water landscape color was
more » ... ted using the Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage spectrum three stimulus system (CIE-XYZ) calculation method and the response relationship among water reflectance, water depth, and sediment concentration. Under the conditions of eliminating as many external factors as possible, using a hyperspectral instrument to measure the reflectance of sediment and water, the response relationship between water depth and sediment concentration and water reflectance is calculated. Water depth and sediment concentration, which did not appear previously, were verified by experiments that proved the reliability of the water landscape color spectrum calculation model. By using different absolute value of chromatic coordinates in the international CIE-XYZ calculation method, a formula for determining the difference in sediment concentration for water landscape color was defined, and the quantitative evaluation method of landscape color of sand-laden water was established. In this research, we found that the predicted water landscape color, quantified by the color spectrum calculation model, is basically consistent with the actual color of landscape water and is basically in line with actual observation about significant difference assessment, which demonstrated the accuracy and reliability of the model. Hence, this research provides a scientific basis for the establishment of other water quality factors to evaluate water color, which makes it possible to quantify the color of the water landscape based on the establishment the color spectrum calculation model.
doi:10.3390/w10081042 fatcat:pv2vgaotkjevfbiu47fbmhtidq