Positioning Ideologi Partai Politik Dalam Pembentukan Koalisi Indonesia Adil Makmur Pada Pemilihan Presiden Tahun 2019

Bambang Hermanto
2019 Jurnal Transformative  
This article analyzes the ideological positioning of political parties in the formation of the Indonesian Adil Makmur Coalition in the Presidential Election in 2019. The 20% presidential threshold means political parties must form coalitions to support candidates in the Presidential Election in 2019. This study uses a qualitative approach. The method used in this study is media analysis and literature studies. Data collection techniques used are derived from primary data in the form of
more » ... he form of observations of the phenomena that occur and secondary data in the form of valid documentation. The results of the analysis show that political parties no longer make party ideology the basis for building coalitions. Islamic political ideology parties are in coalition with nationalist ideological political parties. The emergence of the catch-all party shows pragmatism and shifts the ideology of political parties in building the coalition. This proves the lack of commitment and weakening of the ideology of political parties from time to time. Political parties focus more on getting a share of power. The coalition of political parties based on pure political interests will only have an impact on the emergence of minority elite classes in power over the majority people class, where democracy cannot be fully implemented because elites are only concerned with power and the distribution of rations for fellow coalition parties. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that ideology cannot be used as an absolute political party preference. Because it is proven that the composition of the coalition is not always formed on the basis of ideology. This explains that the formation of coalitions is the basis of political interests that are non-ideological or office-seeking to get a share of power.
doi:10.21776/ub.transformative.2019.005.01.1 fatcat:hzyzn44j5fhmxdjo3wtjumdqhu