RETRO CLAD Design and Development of Alternative Retrofitting Strategies for Existing Building Envelopes utilizing Recycled paper Prefabricated Cladding and Shading Systems

2018 Sixth International Conference on Advances in Civil Structural and Mechanical Engineering CSM 2018   unpublished
The research tackles the urgent issue of upgrading existing buildings" envelopes in order to comply with current codes and regulations (European and local) concerning energy performance. The proposition involves the design and development of alternative retro fitting strategies for existing building envelopes utilizing recycled paper prefabricated cladding and shading systems. The project is titled "RETRO-CLAD" and stands for Retrofitting Cladding. Currently the already built environment
more » ... hs the newbuilt. Most existing buildings do not conform to expected energy standards. The "RETRO-CLAD" research aims to provide vital information to relevant local authorities and organizations in order to consider strategic planning of action, updating building codes and general shifting the emphasis on the already built rather than the new-build. There is currently virtually no policy in place for upgrading existing buildings for energy performance. The "RETRO-CLAD" utilizes low tech production methods through the use of mostly recycled materials in surplus abundance in the local market. The properties of its main recycled ingredients are known to already be in-line with the basic desired characteristics of high performance modules. The "RETRO-CLAD" will bring together a multitude of performances into a series of modules and eventually into a system utilizing sustainable approaches. Aimed for performances include improved thermal, vapor, shading and acoustic properties, increased thermal mass, reduced maintenance and considerable extension of the building"s lifecycle. "RETRO-CLAD" will offer strategies for planning and implementing building envelope upgrades with a series of possible designs and products that are "smart", high performance, low emission, versatile and with multiple application possibilities. As such, it is hoped and estimated that the "RETRO-CLAD" will have a positive impact on the existing built environment and therefore secure a sustainable future for our cities.
doi:10.15224/978-1-63248-150-4-22 fatcat:nrmokfcodjaxhpzj4guvn2ms74