1895 Science  
mens of S. longipes ( now S. occidentalis, Bebb ) in herb. Nat. Museum; one, an original type specimen by Rugel a t Mo. Bot. Gard. ; one from Apalaehicola bay, Fla. (by Mohr), I venture to predict that after full investigation; the Wardi and longipes will have to go under the same name. I n presence of the very high authority of my friend Bebb, I feel fully conscious of the temerity of such assumption ; but, if the boldness of a n amateur may stimulate him and others to further efforts to solve
more » ... er efforts to solve the entanglement, a good point, a t the least, shall have been made in the interest of science. On previous page is a synoptical conspectus of S. nigra, Wa8rdi, and amygdaloides, showing by comparison their resemblances and differences.
doi:10.1126/science.2.44.584 pmid:17752032 fatcat:izr6lorckfhkhmnw5szplqojdm