Variation in to Neural Physiology and Anatomy Due to Diet Related Factors as a Possible Cause to Neurodegeneration

Kamala Govindaraju
2012 Journal of Biotechnology & Biomaterials  
Neurodegenerative disorders have been linked to an array of external factors ranging from atmospheric pollutants to diet related additives. In our study we have investigated BMAA a neurotoxin produced by cyanobacteria, which gets an easy entry into human food chain via sea food and water, Aluminium which is believed to be present more in bottled water in comparison to tap water; and MSG, a derivative of glutamate; extensively used as flavour enhancer. LD50 for the three chemicals used in this
more » ... udy were determined. Our results suggest that BMAA leads to a significant loss of long term memory, reduction in geotaxic response, and reduction in both, fertility and life span. Short term memory was not significantly affected by BMAA. Aluminium deposits caused loss of long and short term memory and reduction in geotaxic response. MSG caused reduction in short term memory. In combination with BMAA, MSG produced reduction in all the parameters. Dementia has a direct bearing on quality of life. Dementia can set in as early as 40 years of age in humans. This has been attributed to life-style and stress related factors. The present study establishes a direct cause and effect relationship between dementia, stress and diet. These effects are established when Drosophila melanogaster are treated with neurotoxins, singly or in combinations. Experiments are in progress to understand the mechanisms that underlie these processes.
doi:10.4172/2155-952x.1000141 fatcat:gdsg6vb6lvcctosvt23hfeuxam