Solo Tourism: A Great Excuse to Practice Social Distancing

Lynn C Jonas
2022 African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure  
This paper considers the growth of solo tourism amidst and post COVID-19. Solo tourism is the activity of people travelling alone, and it is not without challenges. Safety concerns with travelling alone, cultural constraints and social taboos associated with solo travelling women, dining alone and the lack of solo packages are among the challenges experienced by solo tourists. There are several potential growth opportunities amidst COVID-19, because despite the growth in tourophobia, social
more » ... ancing has made solo tourism more appealing. Solo tourism may be perceived as a safer and healthier travel alternative, forming part of the tourism industry's recovery plans. The continued growth of solo tourism will have practical implications for the tourism industry by repackaging offerings and creating new attractions and destinations that appeal to the solo traveller, such as urban destinations and not only rural destinations for solitude. New marketing strategies may also remove stigmas associated with travelling alone. Solo dining could be re-modelled as more socially acceptable through restaurant modifications and maintaining social distance. Technology may also accommodate the solo traveller through virtual connections, further encouraging physical distancing.
doi:10.46222/ajhtl.19770720.242 doaj:7760e8fd8cc94c0fad9206ba2bdb8ee5 fatcat:qu5fdxpwfngb5kufwii24usdbq