Ferrous Ion Induced Photon Emission as a Method to Quantify Oxidative Stress in Stored Boar Spermatozoa

Piotr Gogol, Marek Pieszka
2008 Folia biologica  
GOGOL P., PIESZKA M. 2008. Ferrous ion induced photon emission as a method to quantify oxidative stress in stored boar spermatozoa. Folia biol. (Kraków) 56: 173-177. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of semen storage on ferrous ion induced luminescence of boar spermatozoa and to determine the relationship between parameters of this luminescence and lipid peroxidation as measured by malondialdehyde (MDA) contents. Boar semen samples were diluted in Biosolwens extender and stored
more » ... 12 days at 15 o C. Luminescence and MDA were measured directly after dilution (day 0) and at 6 and 12 days of semen storage. Luminescence was measured at 20 o C using a luminometer equipped with a cooled photomultiplier with a spectral response range from 370 to 620 nm. Emission was induced by adding FeSO 4 solution (final concentration 0.05mM). MDA content was measured by the HPLC method. The day of storage had a significant effect on some luminescence parameters and MDA content in spermatozoa. A significant correlation was observed between luminescence parameters and MDA concentration. The results of the study confirm that induced luminescence is strictly related to lipid peroxidation in spermatozoa that occur during boar semen storage. Parameters of luminescence treated as a holistic response of cells to oxidative stress can be useful for monitoring spermatozoa quality during semen preservation.
doi:10.3409/fb.56_3-4.173-177 fatcat:gtt3hivr3baupovufa6vfg3lja