Research on Effective Integration of Kindergarten Curriculum and Game

Jie Yin
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science   unpublished
The research of the integration of kindergarten curriculum and game has become the basic trend of infant education reform. Kindergarten curriculum is a practical carrier that carries the infant education goal and education value and the game is an important form for the all-around development education of infants. The effective integration of kindergarten curriculum and game should be realized from pursuit of common value goal, generation of "self-organization" function and creation of suitable
more » ... environment to promote the all-around and harmonious development of infants. Curriculum integration is an important educational development trend derived from the contemporary integrated science and technology trend. Essentially, "the goal of education is to shape people in a wide sense or accurately help children become perfect people". This means the learning and development of infants is integral and based on the all-around physical, emotional, perceptive and social development. The kindergarten curriculum, as a practical carrier that carries the education goal and education value, should built an open, integral and changing curriculum integration system for the purpose of adapting to the needs of times and infant development. According to the spirit of Guidance for Kindergarten Education, "game is an important form of all-around development education of infants"; "with the game as the basic activity, the education should be integrated into the various activities." Based on this, it is necessary to complete interpret the existence of game and its value for kindergarten curriculum and strive to realize the effective integration of kindergarten curriculum and game.
doi:10.2991/etmhs-15.2015.140 fatcat:q4rheamisfakjppvve3c7s22ey