An omphalocele, epispedias, cleft palate, cranial deformity and facial dysmorphism: a case with midline and laterality defects

L. B. L. Prabodha, T. S. D. Amarasena, I. Ilayperuma, B. G. Nanayakkara
2017 Sri Lanka Anatomy Journal  
A 7 year old male child with cleft soft palate, omphalocele, epispedias, posterior prominence of the skull, prominent forehead with high anterior hair line, dextraposition of the heart, right sided inguinal hernia, mental retardation, generalized hypotonia and flexion deformity of both toes and fingers presented to the paediatric clinic, Teaching Hospital Karapitiya, for the follow up management. Furthermore, the child had subtle dysmorphic features including, broad nasal bridge, hypertelorism
more » ... nd low set ears. He was the second child of the family and there were no other family history of congenital anomalies. The karyotype was 46XY. Mutations in chromosome bands 3p12-21, ZIC3 gene in human X chromosome and Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome involving heterozygous deletion of 4p16.3 region (4p syndrome) can be presented with above clinical features and it is necessary to investigate the patient further for the genetic involvement.
doi:10.4038/slaj.v1i2.43 fatcat:o2f5ts3zpnhljkhyqpj24fuqcy