The number of Ecclesiai in fourth‐century Athens

M. H. Hansen, F. Mitchel
1984 Symbolae Osloenses  
A DECADE AGO I advanced the views (a) that, in the 350's, the Athenians put a limit on the number of ekklesiai to be held in a prytany and (b) that an ekklesia synkletos was not an extra meeting, but one of the prescribed meetings held extraordinarily, e.g. in an emergency with shorter notice than usual, sometimes even overnight.1 In its fully developed form my theory is that, in the 350's, the Athenians held three meetings of the assembly in a prytany, but that the number in the early 340's
more » ... the early 340's was raised to four, each with a fixed agenda, as described by Aristotle in the Ath.Pol. (43.3-6). 2 This new interpretation of the number and types of meeting of the Athenian ekklesia has sometimes been met with opposition or doubt, but the critique has been stated only briefly and vaguely in the form 'I am not persuaded', vel sim. 3 Recently, however, a full discussion of my views has been undertaken by Edward M. Harris, 4 who offers a clever and clearly argued restatement of the traditional views (a) that there 1 In referring to my own publications I use the following abbreviations: AE=The Athenian Ecclesia. A Collection of Articles 1976-83 (Copenhagen 1983); A V=Die athenische Voksversammlung im Zeitalter des Demosthenes (=Xenia 13 [Konstanz 1984]);
doi:10.1080/00397678408590778 fatcat:nf5x2rq5rraqlmbyr2w2eij2i4