Cu deposition using a permanent magnet electron cyclotron resonance microwave plasma source [report]

L.A. Berry, S.M. Gorbatkin, R.L. Rhoades
1994 unpublished
An electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma has been used in conjuction with a solid metal sputter target for Cu deposition over 200-mm diameters. The goal is to develop a deposition process suitable for filling submicron, high aspect ratio features used for ultralarge scale integration. The system uses a permanent magnet for creation of the magnetic field necessary for ECR and is significantly more compact than systems equipped with electromagnets. A custom launcher design allows remote
more » ... allows remote microwave injection with the microwave entrance window shielded from the Cu flux. Cu deposition rates up to 100 nm/min were observed and film resistivities were typically in the low to mid 2 pohm-cm range. Based on deposition rate measurements at two radial sample positions, uniformities of a few % over 200-mm diameters should be attainable.
doi:10.2172/10178692 fatcat:zb5jvzjvvrevhnbhy3mdsvjwcu