Retroactive Interference Model of Power-Law Forgetting [article]

Antonios Georgiou, Mikhail Katkov, Misha Tsodyks
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Memory and forgetting constitute two sides of the same coin, and although the first has been rigorously investigated, the latter is often overlooked. A number of experiments under the realm of psychology and experimental neuroscience have described the properties of forgetting in humans and animals, showing that forgetting exhibits a power-law relationship with time. These results indicate a counter-intuitive property of forgetting, namely that old memories are more stable than younger ones. We
more » ... have devised a phenomenological model that is based on the principle of retroactive interference, driven by a multi-dimensional valence measure for acquired memories. The model has only one free integer parameter and can be solved analytically. We performed recognition experiments with long streams of words were performed, resulting in a good match to a five-dimensional version of the model.
doi:10.1101/710269 fatcat:wuva25xihreo7jdn7fw5h3g6r4