Dental myths: a deterrent to dental care seeking behaviors in developing countries

Sabrina P. Heglund
2018 Medical Case reports and Reviews  
Stories handed down vocally were powerful history records in ancient times. Even medicinal plant knowledge was held secret and told by the traditional healers to those specifically chosen to become healers. No wonder such oral reports are respected and believed as the be all and end all for continuation of life as it was known. After all, humans did prevail and are here to tell the tale. In some instances, these stories or myths can bar the uneducated/illiterate person from preventive care or
more » ... duction of harmful substance abuse. Dentistry has no lack of myths and beliefs shared with them by their patients. But there is a scarcity of rigorous studies in this field, possible due to the fact that the nidus for such resides in rural, under developed countries. Although not a comprehensive study of available articles, this paper attempts to present some of the myths unearthed from the literature. Much work remains to be accomplished to support the practice of prevention of diseases rather than the more costly treatment of disease in the large populations of developing countries.
doi:10.15761/mcrr.1000115 fatcat:cv4rwlmae5azvlco35nhtrm32y