Stubble field plant communities of the Mazowiecki Landscape Park

Teresa Skrajna, Maria Ługowska
2012 Acta Agrobotanica  
The characteristics of communities found in unploughed stubble fields of the Mazowiecki Landscape Park and its agricultural buffer zone are presented in the paper. The association <i>Echinochloo-Setarietum</i> divided into a typical variant, the variant with <i>Galinsoga parviflora</i>, and the variant with <i>Bidens tripartite</i>, was the most frequently noted and floristically differentiated association. Patches of <i>Digitarietum ischaemi</i> were also frequently observed in stubble fields
more » ... n the poorest habitats. Rarely, on fertile soils, small patches of floristically rich communities with <i>Veronica agrestis</i> were recorded. Periodically, excessively wet habitats were seldom occupied by the speciesrichest phytocoenoses of <i>Centunculo-Anthoceretum punctati</i>. Single patches of the community with <i>Setaria pumila</i>, the form with <i>Aphanes arvensis</i>, were observed only in the south-eastern part of the Park.
doi:10.5586/aa.2010.047 fatcat:6przjftnabbhjgiu5qw4jd4eoe